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Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Feel free to reach out to us with any further questions. Our team is committed to building trust through transparency.

  • Campus Life Military is the name of our program and is probably what you are most familiar with! Having a unified brand name helps parents and students quickly find us and get re-connected after PCSing to a new location. Consistent branding and programming also help chaplains, school administrators, parents, and other potential partners know what they are getting when they connect with different Campus Life Military programs. YFC Military is the name of our Chapter. Because we have experience in military youth ministry, we help advise and train Campus Life Military staff at other YFC Chapters that minister to youth at nearby military installations that would otherwise have to learn on their own! YFC Military also directly oversees Campus Life Military sites OCONUS, and at military installations that are not located near existing YFC Chapters.

  • While we won’t turn anyone away, Campus Life Military is designed for 11-19 year old military-connected youth. Whether your service member is active duty, Guard, Reserve, retired, DoD civilian, or contractor, we’re here to support your student. ID cards may be required to access events held on the installation. If you’re unsure if your student can attend, feel free to reach out to the Ministry Site Director found on our Locations page.

  • Never. Our leaders’ sole desire is to see military-connected youth supported and God glorified. Costs may be associated with attending camps or events, but our activities are kept as accessible as possible and scholarships are typically available based on need.

  • No. Campus Life Military is ecumenically intentional. We seek a unified Christian Church through collaboration with other Christian organizations to reach military-connected youth in every military community Our staff and volunteers come from a variety of Christian backgrounds.

  • Although the need is great, Campus Life Military is limited by available staff and resources. If you are interested in starting military ministry in your area, please contact us at military@yfc.net.

  • Yes. Student safety is paramount at all Campus Life Military events. All our staff and volunteers with access to students are required to complete a stringent vetting process in accordance with YFC USAs standards and best practices, which includes a background check. In addition to YFC USA’s requirements, we also comply with local chapel and DoD-I requirements.

  • YFC Military is a Launch Chapter of YFC USA. As a launch chapter we remain under YFC USA’s 501c3 umbrella.

  • This ministry is completely paid for by donations from generous financial partners who want to to help support military-connected youth an engage them in authentic, Christ-sharing relationships. Donations can be earmarked for individual staff or go to the YFC Military General Fund. These fund cover ministry expense, payroll, training, and travel. Fundraising also pays for development, marketing, communications, equipment and everything else needed to support our staff in the field. All donations are stewarded for the care of military-connected youth and the glory of God.

    We are a charter ember of the Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability (ECFA) and abide by industry-accredited stands of financial integrity and stewardship.

  • YFC Military is a chartered member of YFC USA. That means we fall under the guidance and supervision of the president and board of YFC USA.

    Within YFC Military our Executive Director provides oversight and direction.

  • We’re glad you asked! It takes a diverse team to meet the unique needs of military-connected youth. There are several opportunities on our Join page. Additionally, please reach out to your local Ministry Site Director (found on the Locations page) to discuss specific needs in your area. If you are interested in partnering with us in a way that you don’t see on our website, please contact us at military@yfc.net.