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Strengthening family resilience

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It takes a village

You’re not in this alone. We know that one of the many sacrifices your family has made is the proximity and support from family. That’s why we want to be a part of your “village”.


Each ministry site or installation is under the care of a Ministry Site Director. This local director is responsible for everything that goes into the yearly ministry planning, volunteer recruitment, training, building partnerships, fundraising and more. They are called upon to be “subject matter experts” as it applies to providing robust ministry tailored to their community. Our Ministry Site Directors are employees of YFC Military and have undergone an extensive interview and training process. Continuing professional development is available as well as support from the YFC Military Leadership Team.

In addition to supervision provided by the YFC Military’s Leadership Team, our Ministry Site Directors are accountable to a supervising Chaplain (when applicable). This ensures that all ministry activities are not only up to YFCs standards, but to the Chapels as well.


Each year, YFC USA develops curriculum and resources to guide Ministry Site Directors. However it’s at the discretion of each director to choose theologically sound teaching materials if they better meet the needs of their students.


In our long history, we have found a balance between helping young people, living and demonstrating a Christian lifestyle, and presenting Christ without making students feel pressured or uncomfortable. We help military-connected youth, regardless of their faith, while remaining true to our own.

Campus Life Military is ecumenically intentional. We seek a unified Christian Church through collaboration with other Christian organizations to reach every military kid in every military community. Expressions of our ecumenism are specific and measurable to include:

  • Creating collaborative relationships with Christian Chaplains and off-base leaders, both Catholic and Protestant
  • An intentional commitment to involve a wide range of Catholic and Protestant ministry volunteers
  • An intentional commitment to support both Catholic and Protestant youth ministry through training and resources
  • We acknowledge the religious values of students’ families in matters of spiritual formation


Gathering groups of students is important in military youth ministry. Campus Life Military activities often include small groups, large gatherings, overnight events and even multi-day events such as camps and service projects. To keep kids safe, we follow all standard YFC safety practices including background checks for leaders. In addition, with the guidance of the Installation Chaplain, we ensure that our events meet all applicable military safety and force protection requirements.

resilience through relationships

Relational Ministry Actions

Campus Life Military emphasizes resiliency in all aspects of our ministry. Our leaders engage students through activities call Relational Ministry Actions (RMAs). Each RMA helps foster resilience in military-connected youth.

Contacting - Initiating new relationships with young people

Building Times - Spending time in shared experiences with young people to build new relationship and grow existing ones

Club - A welcoming, safe, high energy, large group designed to help lost young people discover who Jesus is by fostering authentic Christ-sharing relationships and connecting relevant topics to Scripture

Appointments - Meeting with young people to focus on their individual needs

Small Groups - Meeting with several young people to discuss relevant topics and connect them to God's truth

Camps/Trips - Taking young people out of their daily environment and providing extended shared experiences for building authentic Christ-sharing relationships with YFC leaders

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