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Andrew Henness

Campus Life Military - Ministry Staff

Andrew Henness

Andrew is learning how to support military-connected youth through unconditional Christ-sharing relationships. He's helping empower a team of adults to do the same. Read more about Andrew BELOW.

God’s Story:

Andrew always felt a call towards full-time vocational ministry. While in the Army, he volunteered with military youth ministry through Youth For Christ Military, Young Life Club Beyond, and Cadence Youth. God pulled his heart towards this specific people group. After exiting the military, an old friend from YFC Military reached out. Feeling a burden from God, Andrew moved forward to serve.

Andrew’s Story:

Andrew spent 13 years in the Army working with the Patriot Missile System. Outside of work, he enjoys disc golf, camping, hiking, and backpacking… basically anything that gets him outdoors. He loves traveling as well, and a fun fact, he has eaten at a McDonald’s in more than 20 countries.

Your Story:

Please reach out for ways to support ministry to military-connected youth at Mountain Home AFB. Andrew would love to set up a time to connect and discuss what God is doing.