Campus Life Military - RAF Alconbury

Josiah Walcott

Campus Life Military - RAF Alconbury

Josiah & Alyssa Walcott

Josiah empowers a team of adults to support military-connected youth through unconditional Christ-sharing relationships. Read more about Josiah & Alyssa BELOW.

God’s Story:

Growing up a military teen, Josiah was a volunteer on a service project in the Czech Republic with military-connected youth when he felt God call him to ministry full time. Alyssa had a desire to be in full time ministry while serving as a volunteer in a youth group when she met Josiah. When she said yes to marry Josiah she also said yes to joining this ministry.

Josiah & Alyssa’s Story:

Josiah and Alyssa, along with children Samuel and Lucas, have been doing overseas ministry since 2010, serving in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, and now in England. Family interests/hobbies include travel, playing games, good food, working out, and having friends over.

Your Story:

The Walcotts may be the boots on the ground, but they know they are just a part of a huge team that enables ministry to happen. Support through prayers, finances, and friendship keeps ministry going strong.