Campus Life Military - Mountain Home AFB

Tina Flannery

Campus Life Military - Ministry Site Director

Tina Flannery

As the Ministry Site Director, Tina creates teams of adults to support military-connected youth through unconditional Christ-sharing relationships. Read more about Tina BELOW.

God’s Story:

Tina does not want any kid to feel alone, but desires to surround them with caring adults. She believes it takes a village to raise a kid and knows the Campus Life Military ministry is that village for many military kids. For Tina it’s an honor to be a part of this mission and an honor to serve one of our military communities

Their Story:

Tina spent 22 years serving YFC in San Diego and was excited to join the Campus Life Military team serving the youth at Mountain Home AFB. Being involved in Campus Life as a teenager, Tina knows the lasting impact the ministry can have.

Your Story:

Tina would be grateful for your prayerful investment to see more military-connected youth connected to Jesus. Consider financial, spiritual, or physical support to help Tina bring more kids into authentic Christ-sharing relationships. For specific needs or to discuss ideas, you can reach Tina at