Ministry Expansion

May 14, 2021


A unifying mission to love military teens

When I think of ministry expansion and our role in it, I’m reminded of Nehemiah 3. In this passage we see the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. Nehemiah gathers his people and each are assigned a portion of the wall, according to their gifts, to rebuild. Each part varying in length, craftsmanship, and construction, but none the less important because of the glorying and unifying work. I see our ministry sites like these separate building sites. Each ministry team with different gifts, resources and needs, but each working to build a faithful community. I’m often in wonder of how Gods love can bring such unity. I can also feel overwhelmed by the need and “holes” still to rebuild.

As a Community Director we had to come to submit to the normal rhythms of PCS season. We would make our best efforts to say goodbye to students, but often it was easier for them to leave quietly. It was a great joy when we were able to connect students to Campus Life at their new base, knowing that there would be a welcoming and familiar ministry to make their transition easier. However, more often than not, they were left with no foothold in their new community. Unfortunately many don’t feel understood or welcomed by civilian youth groups. After a few weeks they stop going and lose connection to a faith strengthening group.

It is within the Strategic Plan of YFC Military to serve the current 17 ministry sites (21 staff nationally and internationally) and we will prayerfully seek to add 3-5 new ministry sites each year. We’re thankful to have Chaplains reach out for staff to serve in their communities, but sadly the “The harvest is plentifulbut the workers are few.” (Matthew 9:35-38). We would love to be able to close the gaps in the wall and be able to hand off our students with joy.

Article written by Maddie Spencer, Ministry Director, YFC Military