Mikayla Encounters God’s Story

February 8, 2024


Mikayla came to camp with her friend Asha last year after attending Club for a while with her own questions. Camp was a really special time for Mikayla. She reached out to God and took hold of a relationship with Him.

When we got back from camp, our chapel was starting The Story, 31 weeks showing the Bible as one continuous story. I asked Mikayla if she wanted to come to church. I told her it was a great opportunity to start working through her questions.

She said yes and was really excited! I was impressed because church is at 9:30 AM, and that can be a hard sell. But she came! Her commitment continued to grow, and her questions deepened.

One time last spring, Mikayla’s friend Asha said, “Beth, you’re gonna to have to answer all of Mikayla’s questions now. I can’t keep up with her. I mean, I know I’m a Christian, but I think I need to start reading more!”

As is so often true in military ministry, time was a precious commodity for us. Mikayla and her family moved a few short months later, so we didn’t even have a whole year together. Her last Sunday at church with me was also the last Sunday of The Story. I had no idea when she came that first Sunday, that her last Sunday would be the exact day the series ended. In her first steps of baby faith, Mikayla walked through the entire story of Scripture from beginning to end.

With military-connected youth, time is of the essence. Thank you for standing with YFC Military and making sure these precious young people are SEEN, known, loved, and discipled to follow Christ.

Story from Beth Landrum, YFC Military Area Ministry Director
Beth met Mikayla and her friend Asha during her time as Ministry Site Director at RAF Lakenheath.