Under a Table

January 4, 2023


Deana gazed shyly into the laptop camera. A bit quiet at first, her passion bubbled as she talked about military-connected youth. I was video chatting with RAF Lakenheath-Mildenhall Ministry Director, Beth Landrum, when Deana, an adult volunteer, popped in to say hello. “Deana makes the magic happen,” Beth smiled.

While Deana probably doesn’t feel magical, her willingness to enter students’ worlds has a very special impact. During a large summer event, Beth assigned Deana to work alongside Vivie, a small, rising 6th grade girl.

Suddenly Vivie disappeared! Deana quickly found her young friend sitting beneath a table. As if by instinct, Deana joined Vivie under the table. “Whatcha doin’ down here?” She asked.

“I’m just enjoying the shade,” Vivie replied. Deana glanced at the cloudy, UK sky and noted the 70-degree weather with a smile. The two talked for a bit, and Vivie came above board again.

Beth recalled the moment, “Vivie wasn’t under the table for the shade. She probably wanted to know that if she withdrew someone would notice…To [be intentional] like that…I think is really special.”

Reflecting on her own experience as a teenager and her decision to volunteer, Deana shared, “If there’s a chance to be there for kids, to show them they’re not alone, I want to be a part of that.”

In the 2021-22 school year, Youth For Christ Military ministry sites conducted 437 Clubs, 618 Small Groups, and learned the names of over 1098 youth. While our ministry staff is small, our volunteer ministry leaders make us a mighty force for the kingdom! And sometimes all it takes is a quick detour – under a table.





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