Kingdom Inspired Diversity

February 19, 2021


Displaying the Fabric of God’s Kingdom 

Pastor Chris Martin and his team don’t just believe in kingdom inspired diversity. They live it out. Instead of merely cobbling together a group from culturally diverse backgrounds, Martin’s ministry team is developing authentic love for one another and displaying the fabric of God’s kingdom. Pastor Chris says their Campus Life Military team meets regularly “to encourage one another, speak about our respective challenges and how we can better serve Christ by denying ourselves.”

Their ministry displays this commitment to self-sacrifice. Meade High School, just outside of Ft. Meade, MD, is comprised of a complex student body, including both military-connected youth and youth from the surrounding community. This community Martin says, “fares low socio-economically,” and lacks support. It’s a “modern-day Samaria,” he says. Few, if any, want to go there or invest in their youth.

But invest he does! Because this CL Military team sees the treasured image of God in each young person, they intentionally reach across all kinds of lines.

We “seek the best in each student,” says Martin, because he knows Jesus’ love sends us after all students and not just the ones society see as “best.” “Our students in Meade Village and others are familiar with the 101% principle by which we operate. In short, find 1% of the good in someone and focus 100% of your attention on it… We strive to be loving, sincere, and genuine. This can only come through inspiration from Christ through the power of the Holy Spirit.”

And upon the Spirit we must lean! Only enduring humility and reliance on the Holy Spirit will allow us to authentically live out God’s plan for His kingdom.

Article written by SaraBeth Wadsworth, CL Military Site Director, Tacoma YFC
Content contributed by Pastor Chris Martin, CL Ministry Director, Metro Maryland YFC