Hector Encounters Jesus

June 20, 2023


When Mateo told his best friend Hector about Youth For Christ Military Camp, Hector was immediately excited to go. He had never been to Campus Life Military Club before, but if Mateo was going to Camp, Hector was going too!

Hector had “never been to church before in his life. Never had any kind of experience in hearing about Jesus,” Ministry Site Director, Kristi Harrison-Coffey explained. “He was literally a blank slate when it came to everything church related, Jesus related, all of that.” But at Camp, Hector encountered Jesus for the first time.

Kristi was even more exhilarated to share about Jesus’ work through the young boys’ friendship. “I didn’t get to see [Hector’s experience] firsthand…but the excitement that his friend, Mateo, had when he came up to me and said, ‘Hector prayed last night. Hector is starting to believe. He is starting to understand who Jesus is!’ Mateo was so excited when he came up to me and told me that, that it made my heart sing!”

Students spent time alone to connect with God.

During our YFC Military Camp in May, Jesus brought two young people to faith in Him! And we celebrate that, but we also celebrate all the authentic, Christ-sharing relationships that deepened during the week. The relationship between Hector and his cabin leader is one, and the friendship between Hector and Mateo is another. YFC Military is bringing Christ to youth, while also empowering youth to bring their friends to Christ. And you, dear ministry partner, are a part of this story.

Thank you for praying, giving, and serving!


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