Family Crisis: A Parent’s Perspective

October 3, 2022


When “Mahalia” moved her family of six to South Korea, she knew it would be a big adjustment. She just didn’t know how soon one PCS would roll into another transcontinental move. Two months into the family’s time in Korea, Mahalia received the life-changing news that she had cancer.

Quickly, her active-duty husband arranged for a move back to the States where they could access the appropriate medical care. While grateful for the resources available to them, Mahalia’s family still felt the weight of such a drastic and rapid transition.

Their children needed quick connection and a place to establish new rhythms. Providentially, the military moved the family to a location where Campus Life Military serves youth through the installation chapel. Mahalia’s eldest daughters – both in middle school – quickly joined the available activities and began connecting.

Now this grateful military mom enjoys talking with other parents about the ministry. Parents will call her before Club with questions about their teenagers’ excited demands to go to “the youth group.” Mahalia says, “For my kids, it’s a great opportunity for them to share Christ with their peers. They can literally walk there, and all these kids are making friends.” She also spoke appreciatively of the Youth For Christ staff person at their duty station. “I’m just so glad there are people like ‘Ana,’ who are willing to pour into the lives of my children!”

For Mahalia and other military-connected parents, Campus Life Military provides crucial support midst the challenges of military life.

*Names and locations have been withheld to protect the identities of Mahalia and her family.

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