Innovative Collaboration

October 18, 2021


It is with great joy that YFC USA announces a new collaboration with Bethel Indiana! “BU@YFC” will open the door for our interns, staff, and volunteers to get their degree online.

Beginning in the fall of 2022, young people who join YFC’s staff or volunteer ranks will be able to enroll at Bethel University for an online program to earn a fully accredited associate’s or bachelor’s 

degree. Through this partnership, interns, staff and volunteers serving with Youth For Christ will be able to earn a college degree while continuing to stay involved with YFC’s various ministries and outreaches. In fact, by continuing to work with YFC, the student can apply their experience with the organization as college credit in this program.

For interested students, share the link in the button below. When prompted with, “BU-X Location*”, select “BU@YFC (United States)” and one of the Bethel University staff members will follow up regarding any questions you may have.