Military Families

August 25, 2022


In the storms of life

Michele is an Active-Duty Airman spouse and the mother of six.

Her husband is deployed right now, leaving Michele to juggle all the regular chores, multiple schedules, doctors’ appointments, and a part-time job on base. And it never fails; when the spouse is away, things go astray.

On top of all the craziness, her doctors have recently detected a possible return of cancer that they thought was in remission.

Your financial gifts to YFC Military supports families just like the Brush’s. To learn more of the storms they are facing, read the paragraph above this photo.

Programs like YFC Military build resilience for the whole family. Unfortunately, the Brushes are not unique. Their story could be told thousands of times over.

And then there’s stories like Bri (not real name). Bri is a military-connected middle schooler. Like many teens today, Bri is struggling with sexual identity. What she needs are adults in her life who love Jesus and people just like her.

That’s why I’m so proud of our staff. From Hawaii to Alconbury, England and JBLM in Washington to MacDill AFB in Tampa, our amazing leaders enter into messy situations. They earn the right to be heard and point youth to the one who can calm any raging sea.

Your support isn’t just for me or our staff. It’s for mothers like Michele and her children. And it’s for teens like Bri, who need love, guidance, and direction to discover, live, and give life in Jesus.

Why not ask God if he would like you to join forces with us to help military families navigate the storms in their lives?

Article written by Brian Hershey, Development Director, YFC Military