Laying a Foundation

November 7, 2022


Foundations matter. To build anything of value necessitates a strong beginning.

It’s true in relationships and marriages, engineering and construction, philosophy and religion, and organizations like ours. YFC has been reaching military-connected youth since 1980. Yet despite a rich 42-year legacy, we find ourselves in a season of new beginnings.

Our passion is to see every military-connected 11-19 year-old experience the gospel from someone they know and trust in a space where they feel known and understood. But given their unique set of life experiences, it takes a special kind of person to truly “get” them.

With over 430,000 of these “invisible teens” scattered all over the world, the potential for impact is huge. But we need your help. We are trusting God for 35 significant stakeholders who will make a two to three year commitment to rebuild something special for the next forty years.

We’re calling in our 5/10/20 IMPACT Team.

We are also trusting God for 165 new households, businesses, and churches to partner with us, giving between $25 to $200/month.

Has God blessed you with the means to join our IMPACT Team? Is he moving you to become one of those 165 new households, businesses or churches? Are you open to setting up planned-giving through a will or trust? If so, would you let us know?

Together, this team of 200 will lay a financial foundation that will impact generations. Let’s do this. Together.




Article by Brian Hershey, Youth for Christ Military Development Director

Help Us Build a Strong Foundation



5 partners at $1.5K per month or $18,000 annually


10 partners at $1K per month or $12,000 annually


20 partners at $500 per month or $6,000 annually


165 partners giving monthly